How (not) to build a budget

I worry about money. Not really our current money situation, since I’m lucky enough that my hubby is bringing home the bacon for now, but our future money situation. So many things can happen, some planned, some unplanned, that there are a myriad of ways I can see our financial situation going bad.

We were saving pretty well, but that’s been on a downhill slide this past year. In order to relieve some of my anxieties, as well as get ready to purchase a house after our next move, we are trying to put together a budget. But not just a made up numbers budget—I do those all the time and so does dear hubby. (His have more allotted for autos, eating out and electronics. While I applaud the eating out budget, mine tend to be heavy on clothes, crafts and my favorite infamous category “miscellaneous”.)

The problem is, we have only the vaguest idea of where our money goes. Generally, we could tell you, but I couldn’t quote our monthly grocery bill with any certainty. So, we are tracking our spending. Or are supposed to be anyway. I did really well for 3 weeks, writing down every purchase right away. But then there was a busy day of Christmas shopping and receipts got “filed” in my wallet. The pile outgrew my wallent, and now I have a large stack of receipts on my desk. So, now, not only do I have money worries, but I have guilt that I’m not keeping up with tracking my expenses. Is there anything in my life that can be guilt and worry free?


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