Don’t put me on nanny cam

There was a video on today on “Nanny cam shows rough handling“. I actually clicked on “Death threat Elmo?” and watched it first (after a battery change, Elmo Knows Your Name started saying “Kill James” to James and his family. Spooky.), but then I figured, what the heck? perhaps I can learn tips on not getting caught rough handling kids.

Can I just say, it must’ve been a slow news day. OMG. This mom had set up a hidden camera so she could check on her nanny and infant twins (7 months old, but born premature, so maybe developmentally 4 months or so). Every single complaint she had is something I have done to both of my kids:

  • Picking up baby by the front of PJs “like bales of hay”? Check.
  • Sitting baby on couch and not rushing to right them when they fall over? Check.
  • Not reacting with lightning relexes when baby falls off your lap (onto couch) while watching television? Check.
  • Letting baby hang upside down off your lap on couch? Check. (Heck, my babies beg for this.)
  • Carrying baby under your arm like a football? Check.

Upon seeing one of these ‘infractions’ she rushed home and told the nanny to leave. (When will someone rush in here and tell me I can leave?) She even had the police review the tapes with her. I wonder if she didn’t get satisfaction with their response, so she took it to the local news. I don’t know, but it was absolutely ridiculous. It never looked like the babies were crying or in danger. Except when, while being carried like a football, “he nearly hit his head on the bannister.” Like you could see how close his head was to it from across the room on a lowres nannycam.

Are people really that uptight about how their babies are handled? Or am I really that bad? Or would it be different if I saw someone else handle my oh-so-precious ones like that?


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