I’m a bad mother-(shut your mouth)

I posted the other day about a nannycam story CNN had picked up. I thought it was an overly sensitive mom’s gross overreaction and couldn’t believe it made the news. According to the mom’s on a local forum I frequent, I was wrong.

I’ll admit that on a second viewing, the nanny’s actions look a bit careless. However, I think any caregiver (yes, even a mom) would be hard-put to react perfectly over a full day or week. I’d bet that if we secretly videotaped moms – even those perfect moms – we could cherry-pick moments that make them look bad. So, if the footage they showed on CNN was as bad as it got, I stand by my initial analysis that there was no abuse or endangerment.

 The fact that CNN picked this up is unsettling to me. And that Nancy Grace sided, without question, with the mom seemed…shallow. Does the media really need to give working moms any more reasons to feel guilty when they leave their little loved ones in the care of others?

And, as for my local mommy forum, it’s not mine anymore. They’re not fans of mine either. The posts responding to mine went along the lines of, “Anyone who doesn’t think that was abuse is a bad mother.” Don’t hold it in. Tell us how you feel. So this bad mother is going to be getting more work done now that I have more free time on my hands. After all, I don’t really want to waste any more time reading posts from new moms who are so quick to judge and so slow to think for themselves. 


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