The cat came back

The Cat in the Hat was just home for nearly four days. It was a welcome surprise, since we didn’t think we’d see him that soon. Welcome, but also bittersweet.

TCITH had been gone (maybe) ten days, and already Thing 2 has changed so much. He had just started rolling over when TCITH left, and now he’s rolling all over the place trying to get what he wants. Even if it’s off the couch. (Good thing the nanny-cam wasn’t rolling that day.) He’s learning better control over his body too, especially his hands. It no longer looks like an accident when he gets a toy into his mouth. That’s right, my boy can make a controlled, coordinated effort to get a toy into his mouth. That boy is going places! But, seriously, when he’s grown that much in just 10 days, what is a few months going to be like.

Then there’s Thing 1. TCITH got home Friday night and had to go out for a short work meeting Saturday morning. T1 cried when he left, because she didn’t want him to go to work. Forget about what TCITH is missing, how much are the kids missing out on when he’s gone?


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