My poor sick baby

Koen had the flu for two hours today. Yes, he had the two-hour flu. But I’m not off the hook yet, because it could be like the last time Ripley had the flu. She threw up once a day for 7 days. I can’t handle seven days of vomit from all of us. It would make me more than weak. (Yeah, I know. That was weak.)

It was really hard to watch him be sick. He woke up (early) from his nap vomiting. I cleaned him and his bed up and put him in a sling. He, my non-cuddly, active baby, just melted into my chest, with his head falling at odd angles if I didn’t support it. He was really pale. And the vomit and poo kept coming, and when they couldn’t any more he was dry heaving. It was so sad. He looked so weak and little.

When Ripley woke up, I ran us all to the store, worried that we would all come down sick and I’d have nothing in the house for us, just in case we felt like eating. Halfway through the commissary he picks his head up off my chest and is perfectly fine. He stayed that way the rest of the night. I guess that’s good. But I still need to get to bed and get some rest to be prepared for what could lie ahead.


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