Package delivery for Momma = bad math

Two packages came today. And they were both for me! I rarely get one, but two was a pleasant surprise.

The first one was on my doorstep after our trip to the library this morning. It’s a Palm Pilot and instructions I need to participate in a beverage study. Yeah, those studies you read about (4 out of 5 people have received two packages in one day during 2008), that’s gonna be me. I’m excited because I just signed up to do surveys (for money) and I’m already in this study. I could get up to $60 for tracking some habits for 2 weeks. And they sent me $10 (on a Visa gift card) upfront. Woohoo! Momma needs a new pair of…socks? What can you get for $10. How about underwear. I had to throw some away today. here I come. Or, for $10, maybe just Walmart.

 Actually, I need the money, because the second package I received is stuff I ordered from It’s all for work, but it’s still $90 out of my pocket, and so far I haven’t collected a cent for working this year. Too bad the numbers on these two packages don’t cancel each other out. I guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed I qualify for more paid surveys and studys.

Of course, getting two packages is all the excuse I need to ditch my previous plans to clean this afternoon.  Here’s some more math for you: more stuff = more mess + less time to clean the mess. It’s a word problem, which I liked in school, but seem to be having problems with now. Maybe it’s because I never learned new math. Or maybe it’s simply because I hate to clean, so I collect more stuff. Oh well, I don’t have time to ponder the equation too much today, I’ve got new toys to play with and post about over on my SWAHM Mom blog.


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