It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Thank goodness for the Ultimate Blog Party this week. Otherwise I’d be crying in my beer alone. I see you looking over my shoulder for someone more upbeat to talk to, but really, this isn’t too bad. Here’s the story…

I’m fairly close to my family, even though we are separated by thousands of miles of water, give or take. (They’re on the west coast, I’m in Hawaii. I don’t have my globe handy to measure the actual distance.) Put another way, we’re separated by hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands these days) in airline tickets. I was last home to visit for our whirlwind mainland family tour of 2006. I miss my family, and when my husband (The Cat in the Hat) is out on his submarine, I miss them even more.

Today, I got a call from TCITH. That’s a good thing, since it doesn’t happen often when he’s gone. So, why do I want to cry? He was sitting on my parents couch. Yes, the navy took my husband to visit my family while I’m stuck at home with our two young children. How unfair is that?

But, enough about them. I hope they’re happy together. And, as some commenters have pointed out, it’s hard for me to evoke sympathy when I live in Hawaii. It’s true. My life’s not half bad. We play outside every day of the year. Even tonight, while the midwest is buried under snow, we walked around swatting mosquitoes as we visited neighbors out on their front porches. If you ever have to have a sucky life, Hawaii is the place to do it.

So, I’ll light the torches while you blend up the lava flows and we can party outside in our shorts and slippers. In fact, if you would please, make mine a double. Tomorrow I tackle my cockroach problem.

lava flowEnjoy the drink!


One Response to “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”

  1. Mada Says:

    You’re definitely allowed to be sad. My husband was a truck driver when we lived in Nebraska. I couldn’t afford to drive home when I wanted to and it upset me when he’d have a run going to my home state. Even though I knew it was good that he stopped by to see my family, I was sad that it was him and not me.

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