And the party continues…with cockroaches

I know for many the Ultimate Blog Party is winding down. But I’ve always been one of the last to leave a party. That’s usually because I’m one of the last to arrive, but we’ll save my problem with punctuality for another post. Tonight, there’s some other party business I need to take care of.

First, a big thank you and ALOHA! to everyone who has stopped by my party pad. Especially those who’ve left comments. The UBP is the first time I shared my blog with anyone, so it was a bit scary. It’s been a pleasant experience. Everyone has been so darn nice! Of course, that introduces a new problem. I want to visit everyone’s blog and try to leave comments, but there’s only so many hours in a day. I’m slowly getting through it though. Everyone seems so interesting and has great things to say, I just hope I can find time to keep visiting again and again. I also need to find a way to keep track of all the neat things I find out there. Hmm, perhaps another blog…

The second bit of party business I have deals with cockroaches. I can’t believe I promised to blog about this, since it’s not something I’m proud of or happy with. In fact, it’s a bit of a skeleton in my closet that I hide from friends, although the problem is so new it’s really more like a decomposing body. (The imagery just keeps getting better, eh?) Here’s the deal with my cockroaches:

Last summer, I had a few (I think) cockroaches take up residence in my garage. Now, I did not grow up around cockroaches and would have been happy to continue life in that vein. But, noo-ooo-oo, we had to move to paradise. With the cockroaches. I’m sure my over-the-top reaction to seeing one is funny to some (my husband, at least), but I’m not laughing. It’s hard to laugh when you’re screaming, crying and running. I’ve been told that they are more afraid of me than I am of them, but I’m pretty sure I had some freak cockroaches who were missing that fear gene. Case in point: one night I was heading into the garage to hide Thing 1’s birthday gift (a tricycle). There — out in the open — was a cockroach. Now, I’ve had experience flipping on the light, screaming and seeing a little bugger scatter. This one did not scatter. He lifted up those long, shudder-inducing antennae and stared me down. Or at least was going to. It wasn’t much of a staring contest. That little guy’s I-own-this-place attitude scared me so much the scream stuck in my throat. I quickly backed into the house and shut the door, leaning on it for support once I was safe on the other side. Or so I thought. About two weeks later that brazen bug (or one of his comrades) decided the garage wasn’t enough and tried to take over my kitchen. So there I was, 39 weeks pregnant, with a two year old sleeping upstairs and a husband 1,000 miles away, sobbing on the couch. Where was I going to live if the cockroaches evicted me? Luckily in the daylight — and after buying a can of Raid — I was much braver. I went on the hunt. So, two nights, three hysterical phone calls to my family, and a can of Raid later, I had defeated the cockroach. He was legs up on my kitchen floor. End of story, right?

It was until 2-3 weeks ago, when I found a couple little cockroaches scurrying around on my cupboard doors. These were small, but I still screamed and ran away. However, I was brave enough to return with a fly swatter and kill them. Still, late at night, I sat on the couch curled up in fear, thinking of the size they could become. To put my fears to rest, I called in the cavalry.  Today, Dale Gribble’s colleague visited, put a few drops of something here and there, set out a few traps and told me my cockroach problems were over. Or would be in 10 days or so. I think I’ll be keeping all the lights on until then.

And that, my friends, is how I tackled my cockroach problem. Except the little ones that occasionally get in my car. That’s a definite driving hazard (“Officer, the lady let loose a blood-curdling scream just before she rammed into that lightpost.”), so I’ll have to consider what to do about that. I think spraying a can of Raid into the air ducts might not be so healthy in an enclosed space. Perhaps I should cover every air duct to keep them out. After all, who needs air conditioning in Hawaii?


Have you ever came up with a list of ideas for small talk, because you were nervous about fitting in at a party? There’s probably a good reason it didn’t include cockroaches. I’ll admit, my party small talk is a bit rusty. I haven’t been getting out much lately. But, there’s still three days left for the UBP, so maybe I’ll fit in by the time I’m forced to leave.


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