Directions for the party

Before kids, I was very good at reading and following directions. On Christmas, I was the one curled up on the couch surrounded by all the sets of instructions that came with my gifts. And sometimes the ones from other people gifts. (I love being able to tell people how they should be doing something.) But since kids, and especially when TCITH is gone, it takes a few attempts for me to get things right.

Take the Ultimate Blog Party, for example. I thought I had read (and even re-read) the directions. I checked that I followed them. And, indeed, I did. But further reading reveals extra credit directions for winning prizes. I love earning extra credit even when I’m not being graded. So, even though I’m not following the directions faithfully, I’m going to give this my best shot.

For those of you who haven’t seen the prize list, it’s a doozy! Over 150 entries of cool stuff we can win, just for sharing what’s on our mind. Nobody else gives me anything for giving them a piece of my mind — except my husband who gives me a piece of his right back.

Here’s the three I’d most like to win:

  • #48 – Story Package by Cherish Bound  
    Don’t ask me why, but I really want to capture every family memory clearly. After all, my mom tells me I was a perfect baby, but now that I have babies of my own, I’m thinking her memories aren’t so clear. I want to be able to tell my kids what brats they were. And what angels.
  • #62 – Boca Beth Bilingual beginner set
    Again, for reasons I don’t fully understand, I want my kids to be bilingual. But, sadly, I am not.
  • #137 BPA free sippy cup sampler
    Yet another prize I’m drawn to for unexplained reasons. I worry about BPA even though I don’t want to, because, really, I’ve got enough worries to last me through my kids’ college years. Still, this could allay some of those worries. Plus, I’ll need some new sippy cups for Thing 2.

I also wouldn’t mind getting prize numbers 7, 82, 110, 142 or 145. Plus anything with a gift card, especially for Amazon, Starbucks or Target. (Yay! Target is coming to Hawaii!) Wish me luck — Momma needs a new pair of shoes!

Now it’s time for me to go drink honeyed tea and rest my voice. I need to practice for my singing post before this party’s over!


2 Responses to “Directions for the party”

  1. If only I had something to wear « Momma makes a mess Says:

    […] Really, I can follow directions. See this post for my top prize […]

  2. laura Says:

    Happy blog party!

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