Hump day crafts: etched glass mug

Happy Wednesday! Here’s another project idea that you can get started on with little or no skill. Not that skilled people won’t enjoy this.  I probably have some skills, I just haven’t found them yet, so I try to help others find projects they can easily get into. Today, it’s glass etching. Now, someday I’ll probably get into engraving , but etching is not as tool or skill intensive, so that’s where I’ve started.

First things first. You will need to get a few things. Glass etching cream (I’ve only seen Armour Etch) and a paintbrush are the essentials. Other things I used: protective gloves (whatever pair is closest, because I really try to keep the stuff off my hands, so these are in case of emergency only – oh, and protective eyewear too), masking tape, and a toothbrush. Oh, and a stencil that will stick to glass. You can purchase glass stencils or cut them from adhesive vinyl or contact paper. (Another use for your Cricut!)

Once you have your stencil, apply it to your glass object. Make sure it is well adhered around the stenciling area. Otherwise the cream can leak and you’ll get ugly etched boogers around your design. Also, you can use the masking tape to created a larger protective edge around your stencil to avoid getting cream on adjacent areas. Then with all your protective gear (and the kids napping or locked out of the room so they don’t try to touch it) apply the etching cream thickly to your stenciled areas. Any paintbrush should do, unless your cream says otherwise.

Next, wait the amount of time listed in your cream’s instructions, then rinse off. Here’s where I find the toothbrush comes in handy. Take care in removing your stencil. Most (including vinyl cut with your Cricut!) are reusable. Rinse again, then dry and admire your beautiful new creation where only plain glass was before. (Hopefully yours doesn’t look as dusty as mine!)

Now, go hit your glass cabinets or the dollar store and start creating wonderful gifts — to give or keep for yourself!

Note: The stencil above was created with Cricut vinyl on my Cricut with Sports Mania and the Street Sign font cartridge.


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