Hump Day Crafts: Easel Card with Paper Dolls

Our family has a lot of birthdays in January. They tend to sneak up on me after the holidays, so I don’t always get to create something cool for them. But this year, I just couldn’t let them all pass by and leave my cool new tools (yes, I’m talking about my Cricut Expression) sitting idle. So I designed this easel card for my nephew’s 8th birthday.

Looks a little schizophrenic, eh? Well at first, I just wanted to try an easel card, but the siren song of my two Cricut paper dolls cartridges was simply too strong. So I designed a fold out “closet” for the doll’s clothes and accessories and made three “outfits” for the doll.

I’d never made an easel card before, so I started my research at Split Coast Stampers. I decided on making a 6″x6″ card so my 4 inch paper doll would easily fit. This also made it fairly easy to cut from 12×12 paper. I used a 6×12 inch piece of green for the base (scored at 3″ & 6″) and a 6×6 piece of blue for the front. Here’s the inside. (Note the brad in the corner. That’s where I’ve hidden the closet.)

I used foam 3-D dots with a cardstock sentiment (double layered for sturdiness) to hold the card upright. So, the easel part was done, now I had to design the closet. I wanted it to be hidden for the most part, but easily accessible. I decided to place it underneath, with the aforementioned brad as a pivot point for rotating it out.

I cut the paper for the closet at 6″x11″. I scored it at 1″ (which might not have been necessary, but I’d do it again anyway – you’ll see why in the last photo) and 6″. I placed the brad 1/2″ inch from the corner on the card and closet, allowing it to easily rotate out to open.

I wanted to make the closet out of a glossy cardstock, so the reusable adhesive on the back of the doll and accessories wouldn’t pick up fibers from it easily, but I didn’t have any in the house. So, instead I used foil from the kitchen. Strange, I know, but sometimes you have to make do. Besides, I told myself, it looks a little bit like a mirrored closet. Well, if you squint and use your imagination anyway. Here it is with the closet open.

I added a decorative paper clip on the left side to hold the closet in place while the card is folded. And, because of that extra scored line on the closet, you can also use the paper clip to hold the easel card together and stand the whole thing up like this:

Let me tell you, this card was a hoot to make. Paper dolls are probably more fun to make than play with. (Although I hope my nephew enjoyed them a little.) I’ll definitely be looking for more ways to add paper dolls to my cards in the future. Enjoy!


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