Hump Day Crafts: Electronics Organizer

Taking a break from the paper crafts this week. Had to clean off the craft table and drag the sewing machine out to make a few gifts. Here’s one of them: a hanging organizer with pockets for keeping all your electronic charging stuff in one place.

It was a gift for my brother-in-law. I made it, with a few changes, from a free pattern I picked up in the aisle at my local Joann store. I’d love to give you a link to the pattern, but I found searching through their patterns online impossible! It’s not large, only 3 pockets, but I did add a large pocket to the back to hold extra cords and things. If I made another one, I’d probably add a line of stitching to make the large back pocket into two to avoid sagging when full.

The strap on top and the straps holding the power strip have velcro, so it can accommodate hanging anywhere and holding anything. Really, you could take any pocket organizer pattern and add the velcro straps on the bottom to make it an electronics organizer. I hope this gets your creativity and sewing machine moving.

Happy crafting!


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