Surprise visit from The Cat

The Cat was home for six very unexpected days. Unfortunately, it was for tragic reasons. There was a death on the submarine, and they came back for a memorial — and probably a morale boost. It was great to see him, even under such grisly circumstances.

In some ways we’re lucky, the deployments on his current sub are short (generally 8-10 weeks), and there is an off-crew break in between patrols. But that doesn’t make them easy. When he came home last week, I hadn’t received an email from him in 3 weeks due to mission-related communication blackouts. That’s hard. Even a couple of sentences every few days keeps me sane — well, at least a little more sane. I can make it about two weeks before the blackouts start to make me a little buggy. I’m sure people around me notice I’m a little more irritable and a lot more verbal than normal, just trying to reach out to another adult. Yes, navy life effects a lot more than just the service member and their family; all of my co-workers and teammates have to put up with the challenges and mood swings it brings on.

I’m sure this post had a point when I started, but it dissolved into a pity party and Thing 1 is up now talking to me. (Who knew four year old’s had so much to say?!) I had some notes on mortality I was going to share and how I was going to pressure The Cat on finishing our wills and other paperwork; a little on how our house will never be ready for a potential visit from my in-laws this summer; and, I thought I’d share a little love I feel for The Cat. (It really was nice to have him home.) But, any eloquent points are now lost in the mommy-netherworld, or wherever it is that all of our intelligent thoughts are chased off to.

Thing 1 is now taunting me by jumping off the furniture and commanding me to do her bidding. I guess it’s time for me to parent. I do do it occasionally; it just seems as if I put it off as much as possible. If only it could stay on the back burner for a whole day…


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