Food Friday: Pasta salad with homemade vinaigrettes

A recent article in our local daily paper inspired me to try making my first pasta salad. The article was about vinaigrettes and after reading it, I really wanted to make a summer-y pasta salad with the basic vinaigrette. I had no idea what I was doing, so I just imagined a photo that I might find in a home-making magazine. I got some Wacky mac, cooked chicken, a can of beans (kidney or whatever) and threw in some vegetables I had on hand and felt like including (red pepper and cucumber). The amount of vinaigrette in the recipe was perfect when I used 3/4 of the package, but wasn’t quite enough when I cooked a whole package of pasta.

I really enjoyed the salad, as did G’ma. Thing 1 and 2, not so much. In fact, they spit it out. Maybe if I set some aside to feed them without the vinaigrette it would go over better. Or maybe I’ll just keep it all for myself until their palates mature. Isn’t that what all great moms do?


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