Food Friday: Banana S’mores

It’s grilling season here in rainy Washington — finally!! Sure I love burgers, dogs, fajitas and the like, but when the grill heats up what I’m really craving is banana s’mores!

Just like regular s’mores but with banana in place of marshmallow, I like to think they’re just a tiny bit healthier. Here’s how we do it here:

Assemble your graham crackers and chocolate on a plate or platter. I like to use dark chocolate for myself, but regular old Hershey bars are fine for the kids. Each s’more needs one cracker square on the bottom and one standing by for the top.

Take your banana(s) and cut them in half lengthwise. Leave the peel on. If our grill is already hot (from cooking dinner), I don’t bother to grease it, instead I grease the bananas to keep them from sticking. I brush a little melted butter or margarine on the cut side. Grill each side for 1-3 minutes. Carefully remove from grill and the peel. Then cut them up and put them on your chocolate and top with the other cracker. Mmmm-mmmm! Melty chocolate! Hot bananas! Num-num-num! Enjoy!


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