Food Friday: Berries!

We went to the Blackberry Festival in Bremerton for the 3rd year in a row over Labor Day weekend (sorry, no food pics), so today’s post is all about the berries. We picked our blackberries and made jam (canned and freezer) a few weeks ago. This week, it was blueberries from our front yard. Yay for blueberry bushes! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that’s what they were the first year we were here and almost killed one of the two. But it’s starting to come back and even gave us a few blueberries.

I wanted more jam, so I decided to go with the mixed berry jam (although I want to call it triple berry). We bought strawberries (our plants didn’t put out too many) and raspberries and used our blueberries. I followed a Sure-Jell recipe, I want to say it was 1-1/2 cups smooshed strawberries and 1/2 cup (each) smooched blueberries and raspberries. Plus 100 cups of sugar. Well, more like four, but it’s certainly sweet. It was supposed to make 5 cups but we got 6-1/2.

Mixed berry freezer jam

Since the jam didn’t take all of our berries, we made triple berry shortcake. Yum! I decided to do it up right by making it at home, but took the lazy way out and used Bisquick. Heart healthy Bisquick even. Wasn’t too bad. I’ll have to make sure we do this again next summer.

Berry shortcake


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