Hump day crafts: Knitted hats

I taught myself to knit a couple of years ago, but kind of put it on hold. I wanted to take a class to unlearn any bad habits, before they took hold too strongly. I finally got that chance a few weeks ago at my  local yarn shop, A Good Yarn Shop (owned by author and knitter Debbie Macomber). I signed up for a hat class, so I could not only get feedback on my basic skills but learn to knit in the round and decrease stitches. From that class came my first hat, given to my mom, and now probably languishing in her closet because it didn’t match her coat. Four more hats have come in quick succession, since hints the instructor gave me in holding the yarn have helped me knit faster. (My new addi turbo needles probably don’t hurt. Love them!)

I’ve found most of the patterns through Ravelry, a great site for knitters, and much too big for me as of yet. On the one hand it makes me feel like a real newbie, reading people’s forum posts, but on the other hand it encourages me with the sheer number of free patterns that I have the skills to make. I’ve even altered patterns, exciting to think that I really am making something one of a kind even being a new knitter. Especially since they turned out okay. Does this sound like an ad to convert you to knitting yet? Well, just wait. I love knitting because I can do it while watching television with my husband (somedays our only time together), or throw together a row or two on a quick break from work or during the kids bath. Most of my other crafts aren’t that portable — space-wise or time-wise.

Enough cheerleading already. I don’t have many photos, but here are some of Thing 1 and 2 modeling their hats:


The grey hat is based on a classic WWII watchcap pattern which I altered the zigzag panels and decreases. (Maybe someday I’ll organize my chicken scratches and post my alterations.) The striped stockinette hat was from Liberty Wool Hat pattern. I followed it exactly, or at least as exactly as I could. You can check out my FOs (that’s Finished Objects) and queue (what I’m thinking about working on next) on Ravelry under joelle14. Maybe someday I’ll graduate to something more complicated, but for now I’m really enjoying hats!


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