Hump day crafts: 100 day glasses

Last week Thing 1’s kindergarten class celebrated their 100th day of kindergarten. It was a big thing, with a 100 snack, a museum of their collections (of 100 items) and what-not. I would’ve loved to help, but can’t get in to volunteer too much, what with Thing 2 hanging out with me all the time. So, at the last minute, I had an idea to make glasses commemorating the day/number for all of her classmates.

This wasn’t hard to do in SCAL. The hardest part was doing it at 11 p.m. with cricut mats that had lost their sticky. I hate it when that happens. So, I did my shortcut sticky fix, threw some zig 2 way glue on those puppies, and was eventually able to cut out 25 glasses. (I made extras for teachers, volunteers and whomever else Thing 1 happened to give them too.)

When she got home from school, T1&2 decided to decorate theirs with stickers. Here’s the results.

Putting the glasses together in Sure Cuts A Lot to cut on my Cricut wasn’t hard. First, I measured a pair of kids sunglasses to get an idea of eye placement. In SCAL, I placed each number separately, rotated until I was happy with it and welded each of them. Then I used the pen tool to draw an arm (with a very slight curve at the end). It wasn’t perfect, but it looked like glasses. Then I copied, flipped, placed and welded them.  I designed it all to fit across a 12×12 sheet of paper. I think I fit 4 on a sheet. They did end up a little short. They kind of fit on the kids, but I couldn’t keep them on my small head and T2 had a tough time setting them on his ears. To help out, we reinforced and elongated the arms by gluing craft/popsicle sticks on. Perfecto!

If you’re looking to do this on your cutting machine, I’ve uploaded the SCAL2 file over at the SmartBuyGal forum under Paper Crafts:

Happy crafting — even if it’s with your kids!


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