Hump day crafts: Gifts for the Cat

So the Cat is going out for one last patrol before heading for shore duty here. Usually I buy him a few silly little gifts for him to open while he’s out on the submarine, but this time I decided I’d save the money (he rarely actually uses the gifts) and make him things using my stash of fabrics and yarns.

First off was a computer tote I’ve been thinking about making him since he bought his macbook last year. I had a few placemats I thought were, if not manly-looking, at least gender neutral. They were nice Martha Stewart ones I picked up at Goodwill, and I thought they’d add a little padding with their double thickness. I added additional pockets inside by cutting a piece off a fleece blanket (also from Goodwill) and topping it with a strip from my stash. I handstitched on velcro so the stitching wouldn’t show through on the other side and bought some grey webbing for vertical and horizontal handles. I don’t know if he’ll ever use it (I just read the other day how many men –mine included– don’t like to use stuff that looks homemade) but I would if my computer fit. Unfortunately, I just get his hand-me-downs, so my laptop is too big.

The other gift is just a little hat I knitted because we’re both fans of Firefly/Serenity. It’s a Jayne Cobb hat I knitted with embroidery thread and stuck a magnet on the back. The pattern was on the forums, but I found the link through Ravelry. I think it is just adorable! I hope he likes it and is reminded of spending time together — even if it is just watching television.


Happy crafting!


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