Food Friday: Christmas goodies

I love Christmas for a lot of reasons: buying presents, getting presents, decorating, happy people, and, near the top of the list, baking and eating Christmas goodies. Yum, yum, yum!

This year, at 4 and 6, Things 1 & 2 were finally old enough I didn’t mind them helping out in the kitchen. We started out with snickerdoodles:

Unfortunately, I used the Joy of Cooking recipe, and it uses so much butter that they melted off the side of the baking stones. Refrigeration helped some, but I ended up later adding flour and what-not to bring it in line with my BHG cookbook recipe. That worked. Hooray for cookie number one finally working out!

I made a few other things: my own version of Festive Winter Bark with cranberries and pistachios in white chocolate for holiday colored bark; chocolate bark; gingersnaps; chex mix; muddy buddies; and I can’t remember what else, because my mom and I share what we make, so I forget what I did and what she did. I just remember what I else I’ve been eating: fudge, peanut butter kiss cookies, krumkake, swedish teacakes…the list goes on. In fact, tonight the kids made a new one we found somewhere online: candy cane coated pretzels. We dipped twisted pretzels in almond bark (chocolate and vanilla) and then crushed candy canes:

This was the perfect thing for them to help with from start to finish, plus they were delicious! Love the sweet, salty, minty thing these have going on.

I better get going on other Christmas things. Happy holidays!


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