Hump day crafts: baby shower

So, my little adopted sister is having a baby this spring. And she and her boyfriend just moved into a house. So, a party was in order. G’ma was planning it, which meant I was helping. So I designed this invitation:

Well, that’s the front of it anyway. I printed them on double-sided matte photo paper, so they looked good! Yes, I drew the baby, but I’m not really much of an artist. I followed this tutorial using my new drawing tablet for my computer, and then had to do a lot of fixing in Adobe Illustrator. I’m showing this next pic, so that you know that you, too, could do this, because I am so not an artist. Here was my original version of the baby after following this tutorial:

Yup. That’s what the baby started out looking like. But after some retracing, fills, adjusting lines, adjusting points, adding ovals to fill in the eyes, I finally got to my finished baby. No, he’s not perfect, but I was pretty proud. And to make the most of the time I spent on him, I put him on everything. Mini candy bar wrappers, mini peanut butter cup circle stickers, and even table decorations.

Per request, I also put together a matching banner:

…and a few games, including dress the baby (with a talking baby doll) and pin the thing on the baby:

Then, just to save a few bucks and clear a few extra things out of my craft room, I made about a dozen prizes (my other sister added a few more). Some were fun, like “my sippy cup” wine glasses and beer steins and a mustache mirror, but of course I didn’t take photos of those. But here are two I did capture:


Yes, it all was a lot of work. And, although it may sound petty, I was upset occasionally about spending so much time on it. But, when it was done, I had fun and was glad I’d put the effort in to help people enjoy it. After all, isn’t that what half of crafting is about?

Happy crafting!


4 Responses to “Hump day crafts: baby shower”

  1. BethM@Under A Pile of Scrap! Says:

    It looks like you put together a very fun shower! How lucky for your little sister to have you doing this for her! Love all this stuff!

  2. Sandi DeFalco Says:

    Joelle – Where did you get that ‘MY BABY’ disc? Is it metal or stone? I saw your blog link on CDAC in the Digital Drawing challenge, love how you made your drawings on a tablet! My email address is in my info for you, so please feel free to email me about the disc.
    ☺ Sandi

  3. swahmmom Says:

    Thanks for the comments!
    @Sandi, I’m still figuring out CDAC, so I’ll hopefully I’ll find your email soon, but in case anyone else was wondering: the dragonfly necklace was stamped on shrink plastic before shrinking and the keychain is an aluminum washer stamped with an impress set. Then I “antiqued” it with a Sharpie.

    • Sandi DeFalco Says:

      thanks for posting so quickly about the disc, wow a washer that you stamped! I thought you would get my email automatically since it gets filled in when we comment.
      It’s afunnyladynj at gmail dot com
      I subscribed to this post so I saw your reply in my email. You’ll love CDAC. My sister is a digital artist and has a group there, her name is Pattie (Patricia Gomez) and her group is Pattie’s Creations. She has an entry in the drawing challenge too, it’s the first one you see with the 3 pups in a washtub.
      ☺ Sandi

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