About MMM

I’m a writer, a military wife, and a mom.

Writer: I’m a reformed corporate marketer at the beginning of a freelance writing career which keeps getting sidetracked by life. Catch up on my oft neglected “work” blog at http://swahmmom.wordpress.com/. And my nearly forgotten freelance copywriting site at http://www.deekercomm.com/.

Military wife: My husband is in the U.S. Navy on a submarine. We are stationed in Hawaii, far from family and friends (not including the friends we’ve made here, of course). He works a lot and goes away for up to six months at a time. He’s missed all of our daughter’s birthdays and the birth of our son. I’m not sure who it’s hardest on.

Mom: I love my kids. I think they are the greatest people on the planet…under 5. That said, I don’t like being fully defined as a mom. It’s only one part of who I am. An important part, but fairly new. 

Notice I did not include housekeeper, chef or chauffeur on my list. Those are jobs I occasionally — and grudgingly — do, but they are not roles I readily play or define myself by.

This life is my mess. And I made it. But to be honest, I’ve had a little help. Thanks to all who’ve helped. You should know who you are.

UPDATE: Living back in the great state of Washington for a little while (finally the Navy got something right!) near family. Missing Hawaii a bit, but love having Gma and Gpa around for babysitting duties!


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