Momma makes an odic mess

With good intentions I start the day.
I’ll work. I’ll clean. We’ll play, play, play.
My kids will love me. Hubby too.
Because of the wonderful things I do.

But day is dawning, I’m still in bed
Kept up late by worries in my head.
I shower, but shave my legs – I forget.
The kids are up – no coffee yet!

Burps, poos, spills and more
Make us late getting out the door.
At preschool I leave one, signing her in.
Is my shirt unbuttoned once again?

Through gas and groceries, the baby cries.
Where’s those coupons I clipped to be money-wise?
At home I work, 10 minutes or so,
Then preschool’s done, it’s time to go.
Rush through the door, “Mom, where you been?”
Get the late lecture once again.

At home I hear, “Mom, so hungry, please?”
Is a bagel well-rounded with berry cream cheese?
After lunch, do you think it’s naptime, maybe?
Would be nice, but no one told the baby.
I give him some toys and work some more
Until big sis is up, knocking on her door.

Time to laugh and play, they grow up too soon.
Did I change their diapers this afternoon?
Will it be the small or big things I miss
When I look back on these days and reminisce.
Oy! I forgot to plan a meal.
How do chicken nuggets make everyone feel?

Dad comes home, if the boat’s around,
And we take a walk, our night on the town.
We catch up on kisses, to-do lists, gossip.
Kids need a bath, a coin we will flip.
I win for once and put my feet up.
Then dad calls for towels, lotion, a cup.

Kids finally in bed, I’ll get work done this time
But hubby’s got other things on his mind.
I lay awake and ask, “Where did the day go?”
The answer, snoring from the other pillow.
A new morning. I survey the house, ask the kids
“Who made this mess?” Reply, “Momma did.”


One Response to “Momma makes an odic mess”

  1. kweenmama Says:

    Cute poem! And great blog.

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