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Hump day crafts: drawing digistamps again

September 18, 2012

I’ve been working on drawing again — even though it’s my busy season at work, and I really should be spending time doing design and layouts. But there’s always the night before the deadline, right? I’ve been doing a few more tutorials, plus some work with Zenspirations. It’s fun, but I needed to see if I could draw something on my own. My biggest problem is scale. That and where to put limbs on humans and animals. I figured out that if I was having problems I could refer to a photo without actually tracing it. One problem solved (at least partially).

CDAC is having a digistamp challenge this month with a pets with fall (autumn) theme. I submitted a cat jumping after a leaf, but it was disqualified as being too close to the tutorial I followed. Still, I was pretty proud, since I had made some minor changes to the cat:

cat with leaf watermarked

I was pretty happy with it, and being disqualified almost made me walk away from the whole thing. Who was I to think I was talented enough to share my original art, anyway? But, after more thought, I decided to try again. Here’s what I came up with:

Autumn girl with dog watermarkedI can’t say it’s the best thing out there, but I like it. In part because it’s so personal. The idea came from a set of photos from a long time ago, although I shared one just last year. No, it wasn’t autumn (or maybe it was — hard to tell in Hawaii), and they were facing away from the camera, but the photos captured a sweet moment between my daughter and her best friend. Maybe if I can get inspired by moments like this more often I could come up with a lot more original ideas. Well, after I get caught up with work that is.

Happy crafting!


Hump day crafts: drawing digistamps

February 9, 2012

I mentioned my new drawing tablet in the baby shower post earlier. My wonderful sister got it for my for Christmas. It’s not one of those expensive brand name ones, thank goodness, because it’s affordable and works great!! (Find it here.) I’ve been wanting to work on my drawing skills and this is perfect for it. I do my drawing in Illustrator, because I’m not so good at it and it helps me hide that fact.

So, now I’ve got my drawing tablet, but I was either too lazy or too busy to do any drawing. Then up on my radar popped a digital drawing challenge. Over at the Crafters’ Digital Art Center (which I had joined awhile ago) they started challenges for anyone — even beginning artists — to enter digistamps. I was too chicken last month, but I’m gonna put some up this month. Yup, that’s what I’m gonna do. Uh-huh. Alright, already, I’ll just do it. The theme this month is “Critter Comedy or Crazy Characters”. Here’s the first simple one I drew with a baby bird checking out the new arrival:

Simple, yes? Still, I like it. I’m kind of working on trying out different styles I like to see what ones I really feel like I can pull off. My next one was based on a tutorial (like the earlier baby) from DragoArt.  Yes, I’m working through the kids section. Those other ones are really hard! So here’s my crabby valentine:

crabby valentine watermarked

Silly, yes? Well, maybe that’s my style. I guess time will only tell. For a bonus use, I’m using this crab on The Cat’s Valentine’s day card:

You can join CDAC to check out all the other digistamps and even join in the challenge. Have fun!