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Tori * 2002-2011 * Rest in peace

March 20, 2011

Thing 1 and Tori (2007)

Yesterday we lost our boxer, Tori. Although we knew it was coming, it was a sad day. She had a probable brain tumor, possible heart condition and who knows what else. Still, her quick decline took us by surprise, maybe because of our naive hope that she would hold on and be our beloved puppy for a few months longer.

In the end, she couldn’t get up on her own and frequently fell while walking. She had fallen on the kids and spent most of her time moaning on her bed. While we wanted to be selfish and keep her with us another week, we made the choice to take her to a local vet and have her euthanized. It was a harder call to make than I realized it would be, but I think the right one for her and us.

The kids took it about like I expected. Much crying and sadness and then back to life as normal. I know it will come up from time to time with them. She wasn’t a huge part of their lives, but a constant one. An occasional playmate, an after-meal vacuum, a pillow — they’ll definitely miss her. I will too. I have had to pause every time I come through the door today, knowing that Tori will not be greeting me. Will never greet me again. It is a sad fact for me, and one I am sorry my kids have to face at the ages of 3 and 5.

Still, there are some good things I’ve been able to point out. We will regain our backyard from the mucky dog poop field it had become. We can host the class guinea pig. We can go on mini vacations without worrying about who will take care of Tori. It doesn’t make up for losing her, but at least those thoughts can bring a momentary smile.

We will miss Tori, but life will go on. It is a hard lesson, but one that will probably be repeated many times as we raise our children.

Tori's last day with us