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Wordless Wednesday: Equal parts

April 5, 2011

For the Ultimate Blog Party, and because it’s been that kind of week.


Ultimate Blog Party 2011

April 2, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Late to the party again. But at least I’m here this year! And it’s great to get the chance to socialize, especially with the dreary winter weather we’ve been (and are still) having. Ugh! You’ll have the excuse the mess. This winter hasn’t been helpful in motivating me to clean up my blog. Hopefully this party will be just what I need to beat these winter blues.

What’s what?

I mostly blog about what I’m up to — mainly crafts, because, next to loving on my family, that’s what I enjoy most. I do papercrafts, sewing, knitting, Cricut crafts (paper and vinyl), and whatever strikes my fancy on the shelves of my local craft store or favorite blog tutorials. I occasionally blog about food, because it ranks up there as well. And I include recipes, because, let’s face it, there are only so many blog posts I can write about how much I like to eat chocolate. Besides that, there’s some random things about my family, being a navy wife, and being a sort-of-work-at-home-mostly-mom. I generally keep things light, because I just don’t have time to go into too much depth. I wish I had more time to spend here, because it really doesn’t show my true talents, but I enjoy sharing at least a little bit of what I’m doing. (You’d never guess I was a graphic designer and a writer from looking at this. But maybe someday I’ll get there on here.)

Who’s who?

I’m Joelle. I’m 40, and only occasionally embarrassed to admit it. I’ve been married to the Cat in the Hat for nearly 10 years. We’ve moved 4 times. (3 moves of over 1,000 miles. 1 move of 4 blocks.) Here’s us at our wedding:

And here we are now:

Yeah, he’s trying to put his finger in my nose while someone is taking our photo. The Cat doesn’t like having his photo taken, which is why this is the only recent one I have. The Cat is in the U.S. Navy. He is currently stationed in Washington on a submarine. I could tell you more, but then…well, you know, what that would lead to. It’s all top secret and stuff like that. What that means for us is that he goes out to sea for 8-12 weeks at a time and we’re not supposed to tell anyone about it. Fun stuff. We’re crossing our fingers for shore duty here next.

Luckily, our kids are a little more photogenic. First, there’s Thing 1. She’s 5 and in kindergarten. She’s bright, beautiful and not as self-confident as she could be.

Then there’s Thing 2. He’s 3 and…well, he’s a three year old boy. Rambunctious, loving, and as smart as his sister.

How two doofuses like us had cute kids like that — well, it’s a mystery wrapped in a miracle. But don’t worry, I try to keep my kid-related brags to a minimum on this blog. After all, they’re only a small part of the mess I’ve made. Although, they are the part that makes me Momma.

How’s that?

Yeah, my life is pretty good even though it’s a mess. I work part time. Live near family (which is lucky and rare for a navy wife). Have a big house I hate to clean. (Even flylady is too difficult for me to keep up with during these dreary Pacific Northwest wintery months.) Have a craft area I just can’t keep from piling up to the ceiling. I could b!t(h and moan, but I won’t because my life’s not too bad. I love my family, and they love me. I craft. I can still hide my chocolate from my kids. I may not have time to go out partying every weekend, but at least I can virtually party on here with you. So, feel free to leave a comment and invite me over to your place. I’ll be right over after the kids fall asleep.